Abandon sur blessure....


Courage Antoine !

Antoine Girard (FRA1) forced to withdraw from Red Bull X-Alps 2017

Antoine Girard (FRA1) has unfortunately had to withdraw from Red Bull X-Alps 2017 following an accident during launch that saw him injure his knee.

© zooom / Vitek Ludvik

Girard was attempting to launch his paraglider on the afternoon of Monday 3 July 2017, when strong wind conditions caused him to mis-step during take-off. The result was a sprained knee.

Girard initially tried to walk to a nearby mountain hut to rest. However, it became clear that the sprain made it increasingly difficult to walk.

He then made the decision to call for help from both race organizers and mountain rescue. On the evening of Monday 3 July 2017 an operation is underway  to evacuate him safely from the mountain. He is expected to be off the mountain before nightfall.

Antoine Girard is an experienced adventure paraglider pilot, who has competed in two previous Red Bull X-Alps races, in 2013 and 2015. He finished third in 2013 and fourth in 2015.

The organizers wish Antoine a swift recovery and send their thanks to all those who are involved in helping Antoine get off the mountain safely.